While people are passing by…

February 5, 2008 at 3:46 am (poem)

While people are passing by,
Have you ever asked yourself who they are?
Why they fight, what they feel, what they do?
Are they the main characters of romantic stories,
are they slaves of a bitter routine,
are they toys of fate or God’s puppets?

While people are passing by,
and walking with them side by side, you feel -as I do-
that you’re not walking between winners and losers,
but you know you’re walking among survivors.
Among survivors of riots because of hunger,
between survivors of wars started during a chess match.

While people are passing by,
you realize you’re walking between nameless guys and girls,
human beings indifferent to you,
Lives we don’t know, and deaths we don’t care.
They’re only deaths; deaths we read about in morning papers,
cold obituaries, faceless names.

While people are passing by
Wouldn’t you like to know their stories? …I would.
I’d like to know about their dreams, learn about their reasons to live, to survive.
I’d like to tell their stories; creating some beautiful moments for them,
giving them happiness.
I think I should start with myself.
I think i should start to tell my own story.
The story of the forsaken lover.
The story of the betrayed friend.
The story of the dreamer that wakes up
in the middle of a storm of black facades.

It’ll be a story of heavens and hells,
of nights of sun and days of full-moon,
of scarred, blackened hearts
and windows that prohibit the sunlight from now on.

Is the replay of the old story,
the same, but with different actors.
The same emotions entwined
and the same collective perversions,
self destructive relationships, ruffled values,
forgotten kids and censored gods.

While people are passing by, now,
I realize I don’t want to tell any stories;
it’s everything, it’s always the same.

Neither I will tell my story.
If you want to know it… imagine it.
Stand up in a corner
and when you see me passing by with the rest of them,
Create a happy ending for me.


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Rain of Light

October 23, 2007 at 2:12 pm (love, poem, sex)

The words flourish
in the smiling mouths
and the air is flooded
with soft fragrances.
The rays of the moon
illuminate the faces
and love appears
behind the clouds.
The beauty rocks
in a garden of roses
and caresses the life
with its silken hands.
The magic of the night
fascinates the hearts
and lips join together
tasting the kisses.
The crystal stars
attract the nice dreams
and from the sky falls
a rain of light.


After a long time of waiting, I finally did it. And I’m happy about it.

Chris, your the most wonderful human being on earth; and I love you.

Yes, I love you.

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