Rain of Light

October 23, 2007 at 2:12 pm (love, poem, sex)

The words flourish
in the smiling mouths
and the air is flooded
with soft fragrances.
The rays of the moon
illuminate the faces
and love appears
behind the clouds.
The beauty rocks
in a garden of roses
and caresses the life
with its silken hands.
The magic of the night
fascinates the hearts
and lips join together
tasting the kisses.
The crystal stars
attract the nice dreams
and from the sky falls
a rain of light.


After a long time of waiting, I finally did it. And I’m happy about it.

Chris, your the most wonderful human being on earth; and I love you.

Yes, I love you.



  1. Nituru said,

    Wonderful… wonderful!
    You have often been in my thoughts. I especially rejoice in this tender occasion!

  2. Kirin said,

    I’m so glad to hear that things are going well! 🙂

  3. ink2metal said,

    que buenissssssssimma!

    que mejores cambios pueden ver en tu vida. quierelo con todos tus fuerzos y dejalo que te quiera. aprendanse a querer. estudiense a amar.

  4. jeremy said,

    YAY …

    He lives and He writes !! Thank God…

    I see, you’ve been busy!!


  5. Kris said,

    Hooot hoooot. Am glad it’s going great for you guys…

  6. Java said,

    I can think of nothing more exciting than this experience you are enjoying, this Chris that you are enjoying! Congratulations. And I’m extremely glad to see a new post. I’ve been checking almost daily. You left us hanging, sort of like a cliff-hanger ending of a chapter in a mystery novel.
    Welcome back

  7. Ed said,

    Let me add my congratulations on finding and consummating your new life with Chris. Many years of happiness together for both of you. I ahve found a guy too but I think he is too young for me, still he says he is drawn to older men. We have not consummated or relationship yet. He is very much in the closet and is afraid his parents won’t keep paying his expenses while he is in College. He shares an apartment with two girls.
    I am so glad for you and Chris must be a great guy. I love that Carpenter’s song. I used to have a crush on Richard Carpenter.

  8. Daniel said,

    Que bueno!
    I’m so glad you waited until you felt ready, and I’m so glad you took the plunge.

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