New Version Of Me

September 21, 2007 at 2:21 pm (being better, dinner, dreams, flirting, friendship, Games, gay, happyness, improving, kiss, love, music, Shy, tea, town)

Mood: Happy

Song: New Version Of You

“Can you become a new version of you?
New wallpaper, new shoe leather, a new way home
I don’t remember
New version of you, I need a new version of me”

I’m overwhelmed by the direction my life has taken this last week.

First of all, I have a clique at work though they’re not co-workers, so I spend a lot of time with ’em.

Second, my boss noticed that I’ve been workin’ hard on these past holidays (in order to provide the services that we’re expected to give to our customers, even when we’re facing a “storm” caused by the 5-days National Holiday celebration). Work was done impeccably, and all the credit was mine to seize. He was so happy that we even talked about the possibility of a trip to the States (yay!)

And finally, I met a guy. Is kinda funny, cuz we met long time ago through internet (I told you that I was a gamer before, right?).
I’ve been playing Lineage 2 for a long time, and this guy was in my team, and we used to talk about stuff (tons of it. he knows me better than my dad, by now).
Last 19th all geeks that play on the Chilean server got together in a barbecue, and since I’m feeling more confident about myself, I went to the meeting.

It took just one second. I look at him and I stared. I was dazzled, this guy is handsome and sweet, and shy too. It was glorious, because we both were looking at each other’s eyes… We started talking, and we realized we have a lot in common. It was about sunset when we decided to keep talking in a quieter place.
Since my apartment was a 10 minutes walk away, we were on our path to get a nice cup of tea. We kept talking about music, life, movies, games, and everything was flowing naturally… Suddenly he took my hand, and he told me he thought that I was beautiful and rare, and he kissed me in the cheek… He was blushing and he was really, really nervous (and so was I, but I tried not to crumble and melt right there).

I just wanted to, so I held his hand for a few seconds, and I kissed him. His lips tasted so sweet, and he was trembling as I was; we kissed for a long time…

That day, officially we started dating. Today, we’re going out for pizza and beer, and then to a movie.


BTW: His name is Chris. And he has the most intense brown eyes I’ve ever seen.


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Silent Hill, The Tainted Town

September 5, 2007 at 12:51 pm (Games, Silent, tainted, town)

Silent Hill

The titular town of ‘Silent Hill’ is a gloomy one-time resort town that lies abandoned and derelict, consumed in a perennial fog. Demonic and disfigured creatures roam the streets and buildings, their appearances usually taking the form of private fears and/or insecurities of whomever witnesses them. The town randomly shifts between everyday reality and a decaying and blood-soaked “Otherworld”, where the monsters are more numerous. In the first game, the appearance and inhabitants of the Otherworld took shape from the traumatized mind of Alessa Gillespie. Since then, however, subsequent games have depicted the Otherworld acting semi-independently, creating monsters whose appearance is exclusive to whomever sees them. It has been implied that Silent Hill was always home to a supernatural presence (Mary Shepherd-Sunderland’s assertion in Silent Hill 2 was that it “used to be a sacred place.”), but the town’s bloody history has perverted these energies into something darker.

Commentary published by Konami has stated that the power of Silent Hill has “intensified greatly” since the events of the first game. While the first two games featured protagonists who were drawn into Silent Hill itself, in the third and fourth games, the Otherworld has reached out to people in nearby towns.


The geography of Silent Hill is situated around the edge of Toluca Lake (where the resort itself lies), with the older sections of town located to the north and along the banks of the adjacent river. Due in part to heavy commercial development, the town is fairly self-sufficient; It has an elementary school, a shopping mall, two separate hospitals (Alchemilla Hospital in Paleville and Brookhaven Hospital in South Vale), and other stores and attractions. “Old Silent Hill” and “Pale Ville” hold sprawling suburban areas, with both apartments and homes, as well as several motels and the grand Lakeview Hotel. The beachfront area of Paleville also has a lighthouse and hosts the Lakeside Amusement Park.

The location of Silent Hill is ambiguous. The manual for the original game stated that it was somewhere in New England. The body of water it surrounds on three sides is later revealed in the second game to be Toluca Lake, however the only real-life Toluca Lake is in California. License plates in the first game indicate Michigan, but the liner notes of the Japanese version of the Silent Hill 4: The Room soundtrack CD gave an address for Heaven’s Night, a nightclub visited by the player in Silent Hill 2, that would put it in Maine. On the official Konami web site, the “map” section is imprinted with a fleur-de-lis, a traditional French symbol. The film adaptation Silent Hill places the town in the fictitious Toluca County, West Virginia.


The film’s screenwriter Roger Avary used a real town of Centralia, Pennsylvania as an inspiration for the town of Silent Hill. In 1962, a fire in a landfill spread to the coal mines underneath Centralia and has burned since then, which forced most inhabitants to leave forever.

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