Rain of Light

October 23, 2007 at 2:12 pm (love, poem, sex)

The words flourish
in the smiling mouths
and the air is flooded
with soft fragrances.
The rays of the moon
illuminate the faces
and love appears
behind the clouds.
The beauty rocks
in a garden of roses
and caresses the life
with its silken hands.
The magic of the night
fascinates the hearts
and lips join together
tasting the kisses.
The crystal stars
attract the nice dreams
and from the sky falls
a rain of light.


After a long time of waiting, I finally did it. And I’m happy about it.

Chris, your the most wonderful human being on earth; and I love you.

Yes, I love you.


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August 28, 2007 at 12:56 am (being better, dinner, drinking, friendship, gay, happyness, improving, music, partying, sex)

Last Saturday I went to a party.  One of my job mates invited me, and since the guy is really nice, I said it was ok.  I went to a mall and spent a lot of money gettin clothes (since i never go out of the apt, i have like regular clothes, nothing fancy) and some nice dinner, and some nice wine for the party  ( i totally love wine) 😀

I was waiting very nervous for the clock saying:  it’s 11 o clock, it’s time for partying !!! (If you didn’t notice before, I’ve never was invited before to a real party.  Just with my family).

The nice guy (his name is Cristian), told me to relax, cuz I was really nervous.  He went to my apt, drank a cup of wine with me, and the we just go.

The thing was a dinner party of his boyfriend, and all the people in there were gay.  Everyone, so cute, so polite, so looking at me like “he is the shy guy who Cristian was talking about”, and my face was reddish.  well, maybe purple 😀

After some cups of wine, we begin to eat, and then sharing some fun info about ourselves… you know, the wine and being nervous is not usually a good combo.  I was drinking wine like if it was water.  Thank Gods i’m really used to drink wine i was just feeling relaxed.  and then we started to play games :S

I dunno why you call this game, the one that you’re challenged to tell the truth or to do something else. Well, since I’m not a guy who likes to ridicule himself by doin stupid things, i was just obliged to speak and share.

Hahaha, after that, saying a lot of things that made me look like the biggest nerd ever (never kissed anyone, never had sex in my life, never had a boyfriend, had a crush on ny sister’s fiance, etc), we decided to dance (it was about 3 o clock in the morning).

This was my favorite song that day 😀

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Love Your Neighbor

August 10, 2007 at 3:46 pm (gay, neighbour, sex)

My Neighbor Looks Like Him

During these last few weeks I’ve heard horrible stories about sex between neighbors.  I know about a friend that had sex with his neighbor and in 5 days his life became a full-time nightmare, ‘cuz every night my friend got home and turn the lights on, the front door was knocked and the neighbor was there. My friend’s desperation levels got so high, that the poor guy started walking up the stairs barefoot and at night he never turned on a light again. Everything to avoid the psycho ex-hot neighbor (fortunately, the neighbor just moved out after a week).  I’ve heard from some of my colleagues at work that they’ve spent weeks thinking that their neighbors were the best sexual solution that life could offer, so they promoted the acquisition of a neighbor-to-fuck (literally), and then, realizing that the guy-of-the-moment was nothing but a hardcore alcoholic and basically a pig who had fuck with the entire neighborhood before he did it with them, so they decided to move on, humiliated and unsatisfied. I’ve heard about my girls (college mates) complaining because their neighbors spy on them, snooping through the windows at night when they arrive, drunk from a party (as usual). I’ve heard about guys who buy spyglasses in order to improve their spying on the potential hot chicks/guys of the block. I’ve heard about the addiction that causes spying, stalking, and even trying to concert a ‘casual’ meeting on the stairs or the hallway of the building. I’ve heard about all of this, and in spite of everything, I’ve fallen: I’m interested in my new neighbor.

However, I have things to say to defend myself. First of all, the guy is absolutely not my type (if I really have one, cuz in deed I’ve never wanted to define myself as a guy-with-a-type-of-guy). I want to explain myself:  When I see him through my windowpane, I don’t believe that piece of meat could deeply change my life. When I see him walking, is just a nice and juicy steak. And he really has everything I’m not interested in, BUT (at the same time) I need: a gymnastic body. Me -a muscle hater-, now that I’ve seen my neighbor, I feel the appetite increasing in me. Well, you have to make some exceptions with the neighbors…

The truth is I’m kinda obsessed with the neighbor. I spy on him every time I can; I try to bump accidentally with him on the street, displaying my best cool-harmless-geeky-charming-friendly-neighbor smile. I’ve been so lost with this particular issue, that I’ve even wanted to have a minor emergency, like a little clumsy fire or another unhappy event that allows me to violently knock on his door.

And while that happens, I’m still here. I’ve been through completely boring afternoons, paying attention if he takes his jeep to go out, who’s with him and how’s he dressed. I try to imagine if he has hair on his chest or not (though I think/want he has), and the most stressful -and where all the stupidity of this particular case lies- is that I truly believe that he’s an excellent kisser.

My new neighbor is my new toy. I’ve fantasized that I knock on his door offering me for all the services he needs, dressed as nicely as I could. Or more simple things, like he’s parking his jeep and I’m waiting for him. Just one look and BAM! Instant make out while the rain falls down on us, without saying a single word. Because, so far, I’ve never heard his voice. I’ve never seen him close enough (just like 20 ft.), I haven’t smell his scent, I don’t even know if the guy is Chilean or not (I think he’s not, is too hot for a Chilean), and I suspect that probably he’s not bright enough to articulate a entire phrase, and -subsequently- ruining my entire fantasy… But I don’t want to spoil anything, I just got this precious gift and I’m not supposed to guess about what’s wrong with him…  rite?

“God Loves Me”, as some christian spot said, and that’s the reason He sent me tax-free meat into my doorstep, gift that I’m glad to receive in the best way I can. I mean, I swear that one of these days I will stop smiling from the distance and I will walk towards him and tell him that I’m his new happy-to-be neighbor. Just to know his voice, scent, nationality, vocabulary, etc. And that would be just the beginning, cuz if it works, I would totally offer my self for nothing. Oh crap.

I knew I was a little obsessed with this guy, but I warn you that I will become deaf and blind to all of the bad comments about neighbor-sex stories. I will assume that is just because everyone else got jealous and envious because they don’t have a neighbor that hot and good kisser as I. And that’s why I will go rite now to talk with him…

Wish me luck.

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