More Interesting Stuff About Me!

September 12, 2007 at 3:56 pm (introducing, know me, music)

Mood :  Happy
Music:  Namie Amuro – WoWa

Hey, is really fun telling things that you never said before…  I’ll keep on telling.  I liked it!

1. What one thing, above all others, can ‘rescue’ you from a severely depressive mood?
There are two things that always work for me: 1.- listening some quiet relaxing music like Sarah McLachlan, some OSTs etc.; and 2.- watching movies.

2. Why do you run? What about it keeps you going?  As my favorite song in the world says, “I’m running to meet my higher self, I trust the speed until I have no need to run anymore; Miles and miles I run” (The Gathering – Probably Built In The Fifties).  I run because I use it to clear my mind.  I’m a very anxious guy, I have a mess on my head with all my thoughts; when I’m running, I’m also thinking, that way I’m using that time for making my thoughts clear.  And what keeps me going is the fact that I know that I will be happy with my whole life.  I’m enjoying rite now, but I will be totally happy one day, and I’m running to it.

3. You’re offered a great job, but with really low pay, back home. Then, you’re offered a crappy job, with really high pay, in NYC. Which would you choose and why?  Well, I think I might take the crappy job.  In fact I’ve always had great jobs, though I’ve been stupid enough for not getting more from them.  And money doesn’t -necessarilly- make you feel safe, it’s more about the people and what you do with and for them.

4. What is one of the scariest memories you have?  It might be when I was misdiagnosed with leukemia as a boy. I was really scared, because I thought I might die. Thanks God I didn’t 😀

5. You’re black-listed by the US and can no longer live here, ever. To what other country might you move? Let’s suppose that I live in the states, and I’ve been banned from there…  I’ll choose to live in…  Chile?  Ha ha ha, Don’t know, I think I’ll choose Canada, because I’ve always dreamed of Vancouver…  And if it’s not, somewhere cold.

Well, that’s it.  I hope you get to know me better 😀


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Dustin, I love you!!! Please come and get me!

August 9, 2007 at 5:19 pm (dreams, friendship, gay, introducing, love, music)

Dustin lookin’ beautiful

I have to admit it.

I have a crush on Dustin. No, I fell in love with Dustin. Last night I was having the most beautiful dream, about having a totally fulfilling life. I was in my apartment (a really spacious one, in a first world city -at this point I was aware it was a dream-), just listening some piano music while I was cooking something quite exotic (it looked delicious. I’m not implying that it actually was something exquisite). My performance at the kitchen was perfect, and the music suddenly stopped. 10 seconds later, Dustin O’Halloran was taking me by the hand and saying: “Sweetie, it looks delicious…”, just before kissing me, softly and gentle. His words still sound in my head like it was true, liked it had happened. Well, of course the dream didn’t stop right there, but the important thing is that I was dreaming about a guy I’ve never actually seen (not even in videos), just some photographs. I’ve listened to his music, which is beautiful, and I’m at this very moment doing some arrangements on his work. I play a lot of piano (which doesn’t mean I’m good at it), and I totally love his music. And, I can’t actually stop fantasizing about him….

Dustin Playin’ for me (yeah, I wish…)

Well, if you want to listen to his music, or see his pictures, please visit his official website:

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The Blurry Winter…

August 9, 2007 at 1:23 am (introducing, music, Shy, unconfident, winter)

Ah, today I’ll start writing here.

We can say it’ll be almost like a diary. Almost, ‘cuz I’m not really interested in put everything that happens to me in here. Just the most important things LOL.

Well, concerning me, I’m 26 yrs old, I’m a music teacher, and I love playing piano and singing (and dancing too). Always wanted to know US and Canada, but I know I might never get there. Anyways, I’m used to be in here. Puerto Williams, the town in which I grew up, is the southernmost town in the world, and I’m kinda used to live in small towns (usually cold, by the way). Loved the sea since I can recall, I grew up as a loner wanting-not-to-be-one-anymore. Maybe ‘cuz I don’t have a boyfriend, or maybe cuz I’m a lil’ bit shy.

What else? Not really lookin’ for anybody at the moment, just enjoying my time on this earth.

Today’s Recommendation: Definitely it would be listening to Dustin O’Halloran. I fell in love with his music. And he’s beautiful, also (crap!, beautiful ppl should not be multi-talented… that makes us “normal”[?] guys look like jerks in front of ’em).

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