The New York Streets

June 19, 2009 at 9:06 pm (gay) (, , , )


More than a year since I’ve decided not to blog again and here I am.

Tons of changes, most of ’em really good. I’ve been twice to the States so far, and I had a taste of the All-Included American Dream: the American job, the American freedom, the American boy. But, I decided to stay here in my own country. I’ll have here my own boy, my own job and my own freedom.

Ah, I miss though the streets of Manhattan, the rainy and cold days and the walks in the parks. I miss the squirrels (yes, we don’t have squirrels here) and Central Park, and to read a book while having a giant cup of tea on Starbucks.

But while I was there, my heart was still here in Chile. I could have myself totally adapted to the life in NY, working at a cafe, walking down the 7th avenue, having a drink on a Chelsea bar, and shopping veggies at the green market on Union Square. But life is more than just doing stuff, and my life rite now is full and rich. Why changing everything I have for an idea of happiness? I mean, I’ve always wanted to be there. But that’s not necessarily happiness. I’m happy now, here in my apartment with my life.

And that’s something that NY streets can’t offer.


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