Through the looking glass…

January 15, 2008 at 11:40 pm (mirror, reflection, to be or not, yearn)

To stare at your own reflection might be one of the most mesmerizing experiences that a human being can experience. The fact of watching what the rest see, what you can’t, what is denied to you from the moment you were born, makes you achieve a different kind of power, in a higher level in the universe of those who (as you are supposed to) can’t reach their own image.
The mirror will help us to understand since we were kids who we are. The image that we reflect in it becomes powerful: it controls our mind.  Finally, we can put a shape to what we only knew by intuition.

In the mirror also, you can find temptation and other kinds of danger. The known fact of shattering one and the sub sequential 7 years of bad luck; or to put one under your pillow to trap in there your nightmares. Girls who followed a white rabbit and they can see the world by the other side; trapped, yet still aware of the circumstantial reality. And even those beautiful lads who got caught in the irresistible magnetism of their own reflected image.
Then, is the mirror who gives us a full vision, or is just a sight of our own reality enslaved to our yearning?
I saw in my own mirror awful and beautiful things, at the same time, both of ’em.
And even if I don’t like it, that’s what I saw. there’s people who is focused on seeing the bad part, and others that simple decide not to see it.

But, no matter what visions shows me (or the reasons for having them so dear), I have no choice than live with what I see: everything I am, I’ve been, and might become.
Audio: The Gathering – Broken Glass

PS: By the way I’m fine, just calibrating myself with all the recent changes in my life. Kisses and hugs to all of you, thanks for all your support.


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