Above everything, I’m pretty intense. Things that come out without intention or emotionless are just not valid to me. I rather a mistake made out of belief than ‘the right thing’ out of fear. I rather the electric shock of being hit by a lightning than the confinement of a drowsy noon’s routine. And maybe -just maybe- this is all like this because I live in a small town and always wanted to live in a big city, looking how life comes and goes.



  1. ink2metal said,

    hola papito,

    hace dias que not te he visto en el blog. solo quise a saludarte.

    espro que toda esta bien. yo se este ano te ha llevado un monton de cambios, unos buenos y unos malos. pero, por lo menos habian unos buenos.

    pues, cuidate y este bien.

  2. tigeryogiji said,

    Come back to us soon, Hon… 🙂

  3. jeremy said,

    Oye Jovencito Lindo

    Donde Estas Tu?


    10 Jun 08

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