Last Wish

February 14, 2008 at 1:38 pm (gay)

The man I was is dead, I promise,
Even I feel sorry for him;
so false, so cruel, so crazy,
so absurd in his living, so grotesque.

He passed away today, but it was for the best.
Let’s remember about him and the few true things he had;
the way he loved his work, his lack of money,
the passion he showed every time he talked about you.

He’s gone, but he parted happy.
Upon his lips he had your name, mixed with the flavor of guilt,
in his eyes, the most quiet landscape and in his mouth his last wish:
to hold you tight once more if ever coming back.

And I, the one who saw his longing for your kisses,
I must wait your return, after months of silence,
and give you the hug I owe you and left the departed behind.

I won’t cry, I’ve already cried all the tears life gave me.
I won’t hesitate, doubts will not exist if I see a small smile on your face.
I won’t keep dreaming, because my greatest dream is becoming real.
And I will come back to life, to reinvent the love I made once for you.

Yes,cause from now on, I will love you for the both of us,
And I confess that I, while he was talking about you…
I confess that I also loved you in silence!


Today I’m very happy.

Well, is Valentine’s Day, so I wrote a poem about love…

Thanks everyone for all the support, all the nice comments. I found that I can write interesting lines, so I will be doing this for a while (it might be annoying, but I know you’ll understand).

Hugs and kisses for everyone!

PD: there’s two of you I’m gonna call today. 😀



  1. tigeryogiji said,

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! 🙂

  2. danny/ink2metal said,

    que tengas un maravilloso dia! 😉

  3. Ed said,

    Born free and life is worth living, born free to follow your heart. I love your poetry J and it seems you are feeling better. I still miss my BFF. I keep looking for him to come or to call me. I can’t believe I’ll never see him again or get to say goodbye. His family whisked his body off and buried him in the ground before I even realized he was gone. His grave is somewhere up north over 300 miles away. I hope I can find it someday. If it hadn’t been christmas day I would have visited him and found out he was dying. I hate myself for not being a better friend to him. I don’t deserve any friends.
    Keep living one day at a time J, soon you’ll have good memories again. hugs and kisses, Ed

  4. Steve said,

    That’s beautiful, and happy belated Valentine’s!

  5. Nituru said,

    The Sun is blinding the road ahead.
    Its warmth sustains the journey,
    But its light drowns the view.

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