Weird Life

November 7, 2007 at 5:08 am (J is a big fish now, J is overwhelmed, J is so fucked up right now, J wants to have some time off)

Today something weird happened.

My boss, one of the nicest guys that I’ve ever met, said goodbye to me and after that presented his resignation letter to the manager. I wasn’t really sure about what was going on, because once I got in the office, no one was talking about nothing; just looking each other suspiciously. I mean “fuck, this is a freaking office, why are they not talking at all“.

After that, my boss says goodbye to me, and his boss (the manager) calls us to the meeting room. I thought “well, this is not good: my boss was fired, and probably I will be fired too” (I didn’t have a reason for that, I was just shocked).

The manager told me that my boss presented the resignation letter because the most important newspaper in Chile wrote an article about him, in which he was depicted as a pedophile. The upper management took him out of the project, and therefore the country. Well, it was absolutely not shocking, because I knew he had that issue (basically, he was not a pedophile; he once paid for a male prostitue who happened to be a minor), and since I am really focused on work and I don’t care at all about what he did before he was my boss, I’ve never saw that in perspective. Until today.

Now, I’m in charge of all he did on the department I work with. I’m the new “Trainer Manager” (totally honorary title, because my paycheck says “nothing’s different”), and I’m pretty sure I’ll sink myself in this position.

Bottom Line: It’s good to be me, but it sucks to be me.



  1. arkano18 said,

    BTW, i’m not bitching about being in a better place.


    Having said that, I feel better.

  2. ink2metal said,

    hola j,

    just take it one day at a time. i’m sure it will be overwhelming for the first couple of weeks but i’m sure you will do very well.

    they would have given you the position if they didn’t think you could do the job.

    you’ll be fine!

  3. Kirin said,

    Congratulations, although I am sure you would have preferred to get this promotion in a different way…

    Maybe you could talk to your new boss about getting some help in getting up to speed?

  4. Nituru said,

    That’s weird indeed!
    Make sure to get the company to give you the support you need to get your job done in this time of transition.

  5. Daniel said,

    It’s tough when you get promoted, and it feels as though it’s at someone else’s expense. Even though you did absolutely nothing wrong. But you wouldn’t have been promoted if your bosses didn’t think you could do the job.

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