Gay Pride and Danny Radcliffe (or should I say Dan?)

September 28, 2007 at 4:30 pm (Daniel Radcliffe, friendship, gay, love, music, Parade, Pride)

Mood:  Tired but happy.

Song:  Gloria Trevi – Todos Me Miran ( Everyone looks at me)

Tú me hiciste sentir que no valía (You made me feel I wasn’t worthy)
y mis lágrimas cayeron a tus pies (And my tears ran down to your feet )
me miraba en el espejo y no me hallaba (I stared myself in the mirror and I didn’t find myself)
yo era sólo lo que tú querías ver (I was only what you wanted to see)

Y me solté el cabello, me vestí de reina (And I untied my hair, and dressed like a queen)
me puse tacones, me pinté y era bella (Put my heels and make up on and I was beautiful)
y caminé hacia la puerta, te escuché gritarme (I walked towards the door, I heard you yell at me)
pero tus cadenas ya no pueden pararme (But your chains won’t stop me anymore)
y miré la noche y ya no era oscura, era de lentejuelas (And I look the skynight and it wasn’t dark, it was made of sequins)

Y todos me miran, me miran, me miran (And everyone looks at me)
porque sé que soy linda, porque todos me admiran (Cuz I know I’m pretty, cuz everyone admires me)
Y todos me miran, me miran, me miran (And everyone looks at me)
porque hago lo que pocos se atreverán (Cuz I do what few dare to do)
Y todos me miran, me miran, me miran (And everyone looks at me)
algunos con envidia pero al final, pero al final (some may be envious, but at the end)
pero al final, todos me amarán (At th end everyone will love me)

Tomorrow is the Chilean Gay Pride Parade.  I’m very excited, because Chris and I decided to go 😀 Is the first time I’m gonna be at one, and I even bought tickets to the official party 😀

And, puleeeeesah!… take a look at Danny Radcliffe.  He’s not little Harry Potter anymore, and he’s showing us that he’s a lot of things but a kid.





  1. Ed said,

    Chris and J watching a parade, holding hands as the evening fades.
    J and Chris at a party Gay, Having a good time that is what I’d say!
    So much in love like a snow white dove cooing with his mate it has to be just fate.

  2. diamondfistwerny said,

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures & you better enjoy Pride! That’s an order 😆

  3. Nituru said,

    Great that you’re going to The Parade. I remember that my first one was a particularly moving and fun experience. The joy, creativity and energy all around me made me immensely proud to be gay. Hope you and Chris get a good kick out of it too.

    Danny’s growing up, isn’t he! Nice snail trail too.

  4. ink2metal said,

    hola j,

    have muchisimo fun and do all the crazy/beautiful things that will make the day memorable.

    tomorrow, i will be at the folsom street fair in san francisco and hope to enjoy it as much as you and chris enjoy the gay pride parade!

  5. diamondfistwerny said,

    You’re overdue for a blog entry 😛

  6. Miguel Angel said,

    Hi; thanks x u comment. We were here, the gay parade (I say WE = My man & I) and it was funny, but boring. After 10 minutes we were in Metro.
    Whatever. Best wishes x u n’ your boyfriend.

  7. johnmichael42003 said,

    I hope you have fun at the parade!!

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