National Holiday! (5 days is TOO MUCH!)

September 17, 2007 at 3:13 pm (being better, drinking, flirting, friendship, gay, happyness, improving, job, music, partying)

Mood:  Excited

Song:  Origa feat. Heartsdales – Player

OMG!  I’ve never been so excited for our national holidays.
First of all, our national holiday -officially- is just September 18th and 19th. But since this year those two days turned out to be Tuesday and Wednesday, it was made a special law to made every Monday or Friday between this 2 days also a National Holiday.  So basically, Monday 17th (today) is now a holiday.
So, celebrations started last Friday night, and will finish officially on 19th’s night.

In our National Holidays we go to a “Fonda”: a improvised resto-club that has traditional music, tons of booze and typical meals.  It’s really nice, and foreigners love to come to our Fondas 😛

This is the first time that I’m on my own for the holidays, and I was already invited by my workmates to a party today.
In fact I was celebrating yesterday as well, we went to a fonda and after that to a gay club:  It was better than I expected.
A couple of guys were checkin’ on me, and one of them ask me to dance with him.  I said no, cuz I wasn’t feelin’ it, but anyway; I was dancin with my boys and it was funny as hell.  They invited me to do the same today, but I’m tired, so I might not be going.

Anyway, I have a good feeling about these holidays.  I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on 😀

See ya!  And thanks for posting even when I’m down.  (I know I can be a real downer from time to time, thanks for not rubbing that on my face)



  1. Steve said,

    Sort of unrelated, thanks for linking the multi-authored blog!

  2. deweydjb said,

    Sounds wonderful and fun.. glad you are having a good time and getting out. We all need to get out and blow off a little steam! Keep up the good vibrations!

  3. The Brian said,

    saw your post on Tiger by the Tale and thought I’d send you a hello, hope you have a good time!

    – Brian

  4. tigeryogi said,

    A guy asked you to dance and you turned him down?!! Honey!! Take some chances!!! 🙂

  5. jeremy said,

    Darling, I have come here every day, and you are out partying on Holiday!! I am always around!



  6. diamondfistwerny said,

    Wow! How cool is that?

  7. Ed said,

    You deserve a holiday J, you are a hard worker. Here it is getting cooler and almost winter. Just the opposite of Chile. Somehow I believe we are all connected.

  8. diamondfistwerny said,

    You know you’re welcome to join that blog if you want 🙂

  9. deldell said,

    Love to see some pics of the fonda.
    You turned the guy down?
    Silly man…

  10. diamondfistwerny said,

    You’re officially a member 🙂 It’s open to any gay or lesbian who wishes to join.

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