Was it impossible to float for a while???

September 3, 2007 at 11:06 pm (dinner, dissapointed, dreams, drinking, gay, kiss, love, music)

Just for making a difference?

I was getting interested in the guy. His beautiful eyes, his mouth, his way f thinking, the way he look…

But of course, things are not like we wanted. After that day I posted in here, we had a nice dinner. After that we went to my apartment, and keep on drinking some wine (you know I love it). We were sitting on a couch, and he got really close to me. I was nervous, I felt excited and nervous at the same time, is like being on a roller coaster… He never stopped looking at me, and I told him that he was making me nervous, though I couldn’t stop smiling. He told me to close my eyes, which I did just to feel his breath upon my lips. He softly kissed me, and it felt awesome, and weird and strange, and awesome again (first time… I was kissed!!!).

Of course, it couldn’t be that perfect…

He told me yesterday that he needed to talk with me. That he thinks tat I’m a great catch, that I’m one of the coolest guys ever and all that bullshit. Cuz he has a boyfriend.

” The torture won’t part you
Motherly breast won’t warm you
You fail and foam from your mouth
why is it so loud, this sound?

All the sense your are capable of
does not seem to save you
You heed the glance of a smile
Was it impossible to float for a while?

Restless is carrying fever
burning you to pieces
In search and need of a friend
Will I bow down to this in the end?

I lay in the hands of my maker
and I want to spend the rest of it awake
Why do I get the feeling they’ll break it
It’s a fight… it’s a fight…”

The Gathering – Amity

I’ll guess I’m gonna be ok.



  1. Steve said,

    Awwww, are you serious? I’m sorry. But look at this way, you kissed a guy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. eddy1952 said,

    Why would a guy kiss another guy if he already had a guy of his own? See he hurt you worse than if he had been honest from the start. Next time ask the guy if he has someone already then if he says no you’ll be home free. Hugs.

  3. ink2metal said,

    lo siento tanto, j.

    pero como dijo steve, por lo menos ya tienes la experiencia de besar un hombre, y era bueno.

    anyway, vas a tener otras experiencias como todo mundo. a veces va ser dulce y a veces va ser amarga. asi es la vida. y asi hay que vivirla.

  4. Kris said,

    Awww sorry to hear that. You’ll find a guy that you deserve ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you got a glimpse of how nice it is, take the good along with the bad. *Hugs*

    Like Aaliyah said ” If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”

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