August 29, 2007 at 10:24 pm (being better, dinner, dreams, flirting, gay, happyness, love, music, partying, playing piano, tea)

The party ended around 5 in the morning, so I decided to get a cab and go to my apartment. And Dan (a beautiful, beautiful guy who stared at me the whole dinner) asked me: “would you give me a ride? I live 2 blocks from your apartment” (we talked about that like 2 hours ago). I looked at him and just nodded my head… He sat near to me in the cab, and started asking me some questions: “So J, where did you live before? Why did you move to the town? Did you like it so far? Have you been to this new gay club? Do you know this restaurant?” I wanted to him to be quiet, cuz I was so nervous; but at the same time, he was staring at me very concentrated while he was asking. I felt like he did care about knowing that information. the thing is that once I was ready to step out of the cab, something really moves insdide of me… “Do you want to have a cup of tea with me?” (I know, it’s lame to invite to have some tea, like if I was a 65 yrs. old lady :D), I barely could believe what I just did. We went into the apartment and keep not talking… and share the cup of tea and looking at each other…

He noticed the piano and ask me to play a piece. I told him: “Dan, is 5:30 in the morning, neighbor’s gonna kill me”, but something in my head told me that was the perfect occasion. So I played for him, for more than an hour.

At 7, he said to me that he was about leaving, and i was kinda sad about. He look at me, and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever had. I’ve never been that close to a guy in my entire life! After he left, i kept on playing the piano for another hour.

Well… tomorrow we’re going to dinner, together.

See ya!

BTW, the song in this video, is his favorite song, and we were the only two who were singing it when it started to play. That’s why he looked at me in the first place.

The Cardigans – Communication



  1. eddy1952 said,

    It sounds like you two guys will make beautiful music together. I hope he works out and is a nice guy. Tell him to be nice to you or your blogging friends will come down there and mess him up. LOL.

  2. DFW said,

    Awwww, that’s sweet 🙂

  3. ink2metal said,

    hola j,

    wow! felicidades en esa nueva aventura! espero que todo salga bien con ese chico. es muy temprano todavia para esperar tanto, pero estare pensando positivamente por ti.

  4. Kris said,

    Wow, way to go J! Am glad that you met someone there at the new city. Take your time! I’m gushing how it’s the first meeting and things are going well already.

    Looove this song. Never heard it until today but I’m gonna have to get this CD now. Awesome you posted it 😀

  5. eddy1952 said,

    That video is from the WB TV series Veronica Mars I really liked that show so of course they canceled it.

  6. The Persian said,

    What an amazing evening!! I am so happy for you to have had that experience, I can’t wait to hear more about this guy he sounds amazing.


  7. eddy1952 said,

    Kristin Bell was also hired as the unseen voice heard on the new WB show Gossip Girl.

    Kisses back too ya’ my sweet J

  8. Kris said,

    Got the CD yesterday! Went to a bookstore and they did have it. The song seemed fitting more to my bf though and what happened yesterday. I tried breaking it off since I’m having a hard time opening up and instead of trying to connect, I just wanted to end it all to prevent myself from hurting him more.

  9. Daniel said,

    How awesome! What a cool experience. I’m really happy for you.

  10. miketal20 said,

    wow. good for you. keep us posted arkano!

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