August 28, 2007 at 12:56 am (being better, dinner, drinking, friendship, gay, happyness, improving, music, partying, sex)

Last Saturday I went to a party.  One of my job mates invited me, and since the guy is really nice, I said it was ok.  I went to a mall and spent a lot of money gettin clothes (since i never go out of the apt, i have like regular clothes, nothing fancy) and some nice dinner, and some nice wine for the party  ( i totally love wine) 😀

I was waiting very nervous for the clock saying:  it’s 11 o clock, it’s time for partying !!! (If you didn’t notice before, I’ve never was invited before to a real party.  Just with my family).

The nice guy (his name is Cristian), told me to relax, cuz I was really nervous.  He went to my apt, drank a cup of wine with me, and the we just go.

The thing was a dinner party of his boyfriend, and all the people in there were gay.  Everyone, so cute, so polite, so looking at me like “he is the shy guy who Cristian was talking about”, and my face was reddish.  well, maybe purple 😀

After some cups of wine, we begin to eat, and then sharing some fun info about ourselves… you know, the wine and being nervous is not usually a good combo.  I was drinking wine like if it was water.  Thank Gods i’m really used to drink wine i was just feeling relaxed.  and then we started to play games :S

I dunno why you call this game, the one that you’re challenged to tell the truth or to do something else. Well, since I’m not a guy who likes to ridicule himself by doin stupid things, i was just obliged to speak and share.

Hahaha, after that, saying a lot of things that made me look like the biggest nerd ever (never kissed anyone, never had sex in my life, never had a boyfriend, had a crush on ny sister’s fiance, etc), we decided to dance (it was about 3 o clock in the morning).

This was my favorite song that day 😀



  1. Ed said,

    I think we call the game “Truth or Dare” You have to tell the truth or do something somebody dares you to.
    Sounds like you had fun at the party. I’m sure there are many Gay people in the big City.

  2. ink2metal said,

    QUE BUENO!!! ;-}

    sabes que? eres un gran papi y no tienes de no creer en ti mismo. desfruta y goza toda en ‘tiago.

  3. The Persian said,

    Wow Spin Spin Sugar was so the club rage back in 96/97 when I came out. I used to love that song so much.

    I haven’t heard it in ages.

    Thanks for the flashback!!

    so… did you get to talk to anyone special?

  4. Ed said,

    Any guy would be a fool not to want to keep in touch with you J! I hope it works out.

    Well, actually we are just having some fun conversations over msn, but I think we can be friends, totally 😀

  5. DFW said,

    Arkano, you’re a new blogger. I appreciate you’re support for me. But don’t get yourself too angry leaving comments on other’s blogs in response to what they say on mine. I’m learning that these dramas flare-up from time-to-time. I truly appreciate your support. It just seems that anyone who reaches out to me is immediately thought to be me. I guess the good thing about you leaving that comment on Homer’s blog is that he now knows you live in South America. I want to see you develop your blog; and continue to share the beautiful voice I’ve seen of you so far. Keep visiting me. But worry about your own back more than anyone else’s. And stay away from the wine! 🙂

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