As The Rush Comes

August 17, 2007 at 4:16 pm (dreams, happyness, improving, job, love, music, Shy)

Just for the curious I will leave a picture of me.


“Traveling somewhere, it could be anywhere; there’s a coldness in the air but I don’t care. We drift deeper into the sound and life goes on, we drift deeper into the sound, feeling strong, so bring it on…

Embrace me, surround me as the rush comes…”

(Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes)

I came back yesterday from my interview in this big job. Finally, the decision was made: I’m in!.
I applied 2 months ago to a job bid for Lead Trainer position, and no one ever told me about what happened. I thought I would die in my filthy Trainer position, getting to know nothing about the real world, high buildings and glamour itself (LOL)

Now, they think I’m the best for the position. So, now I’m the Lead Trainer in Chile…

Finally, this is the opportunity I was looking for. Now I can make it to a great job, get to know some people and make some good money.

VoIP Company I can’t disclosure its name, Here I come!

The song is one that really makes me want someone to love. I’m waiting, I want to be embraced, surrounded when the rush comes.



  1. Ed said,

    You are a handsome young man my friend. Moving to the big city. Congratulations on the new job as lead trainer. The weather will be better there? I have heard of Santiago the capitol. I think Santiago translates to Saint John in English. I am so proud of you J. You will have to be careful in the big city in can swallow you up. I will listen to the video later as it takes a long time to download on my slow dial-up system. Thanks so much for the E-Mail. Eddie

  2. diamondfistwerny said,

    Great picture!

  3. ink2metal said,


    toma ventaja de toda que la vida te ofrezca!

    i hope you find what you want and need in the city. but be careful. like ed says, the city can swallow you up.

  4. Ed said,

    J you are up late tonight. I saw your comment on Steve’s Blog. I wish I could sing you to sleep and hug you until we both went to sleep. Buenos Noches mi amigo

  5. miketal20 said,

    congratulations on the new job! i’m sure it’ll open your doors to thousands of possibilities. enjoy and have fun living in the city. it’ll be a blast.

    i love the pic too. it’s so gael garcia bernal in amores perros!

  6. Kevin said,

    It’s a great pic. The “sleepiness” just adds to its sexiness. If you were in a more gay-friendly area, someone most definitely would have scooped you up by now.

    Haha, you’re funny… No one ever (really) came up and told me anything. Well, now that I moved to the big city (in Chile, of course), I thik I might have an opportunity. Thank you, I’ve neevr thought about myself as sexy… :$:$

  7. Kris said,

    Nice picture! Was that you in the other pic as well?

  8. Robert said,

    Alas, my first time here and you’re… moving!!! gaaaah! Where are you now btw? šŸ™‚ I came over from Steve’s place, Defying Despondency! Congratulations on your new job! How wonderful is that… something that you really wanted, too! I like the picture, too… the greens all came together very nicely! Good day to you!!

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