Dustin, I love you!!! Please come and get me!

August 9, 2007 at 5:19 pm (dreams, friendship, gay, introducing, love, music)

Dustin lookin’ beautiful

I have to admit it.

I have a crush on Dustin. No, I fell in love with Dustin. Last night I was having the most beautiful dream, about having a totally fulfilling life. I was in my apartment (a really spacious one, in a first world city -at this point I was aware it was a dream-), just listening some piano music while I was cooking something quite exotic (it looked delicious. I’m not implying that it actually was something exquisite). My performance at the kitchen was perfect, and the music suddenly stopped. 10 seconds later, Dustin O’Halloran was taking me by the hand and saying: “Sweetie, it looks delicious…”, just before kissing me, softly and gentle. His words still sound in my head like it was true, liked it had happened. Well, of course the dream didn’t stop right there, but the important thing is that I was dreaming about a guy I’ve never actually seen (not even in videos), just some photographs. I’ve listened to his music, which is beautiful, and I’m at this very moment doing some arrangements on his work. I play a lot of piano (which doesn’t mean I’m good at it), and I totally love his music. And, I can’t actually stop fantasizing about him….

Dustin Playin’ for me (yeah, I wish…)

Well, if you want to listen to his music, or see his pictures, please visit his official website:




  1. Ed said,

    From what I’ve seen you’re way more handsome than this Dustin fellow. He could do a lot worse. I’m tellin’ ya’.

  2. arkano18 said,

    Aw, you’re so sweet!

    I’m not handsome… Far from it, I’m most regular guy, though I have a nice personality (even when I’m terribly shy), but nothing in me says that I’m hot or something alike.

    But thank you, you made my day. And made me totally (really totally) blush. In fact, my best friend was by my side when I was reading your comments, and suddenly he asked me: “J, why is your face red? J, what’s going on?”…
    I think I need a therapy or something.

    Anyway, thanks for posting me. If you want to, invite some of your friends to take a look on my blog.

    See ya!

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